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On 21 March 2012 Old Mutual plc sold the Skandia businesses in Sweden, Norway and Denmark to Skandia Liv. All Skandia businesses and their customers outside of Sweden, Norway and Denmark are unaffected by this transaction. These businesses will continue to be owned by Old Mutual and operate under the Skandia brand.

Reorganisation of Skandia Leben AG, Switzerland

Zurich, June 2011

Skandia Leben AG has focused its activities in Switzerland on unit-linked products and regular premium products, especially in the third pillar area, for the last 15 years.

In connection with a strategic re-alignment project, the Executive Committee of Skandia Retail Europe, the business unit Skandia Leben AG belongs to, has conducted a thorough analysis of the Swiss pension market. This market has become significantly more competitive over the last 15 years and shows limited growth potential in the coming years.

Against this background and in anticipation of further changes in the Swiss pension market, Skandia Retail Europe and Skandia Leben AG decided in summer 2011 to cease acceptance of any new business. Skandia Leben AG will focus on administering the existing book of business. Under this scenario, Skandia Leben AG in Switzerland will continue to provide standard services such as investment management, product and insurance administration.

Existing clients will not be affected by this change. Skandia Leben AG in Switzerland guarantees ongoing and best-in-class service for all existing contracts for the future.

Should you have any further questions concerning the new strategic alignment of Skandia, please get in touch with our Service Centre via +41 (0)848 33 66 99

In the name of the Executive committee of
Skandia Retail Europe and Skandia Leben AG

Jonas Jonsson

Skandia's Swiss branch opened in Zurich in 1990 and since then has established itself as a specialist in innovative pension solutions in Switzerland.

We place our confidence in the professional expertise and advice of independent business partners and are one of the leading providers of unit-linked life insurance and investment fund policies in Switzerland. We have been setting ongoing benchmarks here since our launch and provide important momentum for a dynamic market with excellent development opportunities.