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Our philosophy

Our philosophy

"Skandia supports people in all phases of life who seek individual security and long-term prosperity."

Through individual solutions and first-class customer service, we help them reach their pension goals to lead a higher quality life and to fulfil their personal dreams.

Our mission

"Skandia encourages expertise and commitment among its employees worldwide in order to offer customers the opportunity to obtain the best financial products and thereby generate lasting value for our shareholders."

Our solution model is based on the ability to work with the best-known financial service providers around the world and to use this basis to develop attractive products for customers in every phase of life. Skandia's expertise in this area is supported by its constant efforts to encourage employees to actively contribute their knowledge and ideas to the business.

Our values

Dedication, courage, determination, passion, creativity – these values are the foundation of our philosophy. They are an integral part of the business, and as such form an important benchmark for our employees and processes. They also ensure the continuity of our co-operative structures and prepare our company for the future, thereby making it dependable for our customers.

Values awaken expectations. Every Skandia employee sets high objectives. But it is primarily through focused, committed teamwork that we can meet your expectations together. This means a desire to bring new ideas, creative solutions and passionate commitment. That is our contribution. So that you can be sure to reach your investment goals.