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Capital protection funds

Life Investment 90 % Protected Fund from UBS

The Life Investment 90 % Protected Fund is a capital protection fund, which endeavours to achieve stable yields whilst simultaneously hedging at 90 % of the monthly fund price high across economic cycles. This fund is therefore suitable for investors with a low appetite for risk.

The fund consists of two components: the reserve (cash and fixed-interest securities) and the active part, the UBS Swiss Multi Asset Portfolio. The active portfolio is highly diversified through investments in the bond, stock and commodities markets. The investment weighting focuses on risk measurement, control and management.

The Life Investment 90 % Protected Fund offers investors the following advantages:


  • Hedging level: every month the fund price is hedged down to 90% of the high reached at the end of the month in question. This means that the hedging level can only rise or stay the same over time, but never fall.
  • Daily liquidity at the daily rate. The daily rate is always higher than or the same as the hedging level.

Active portfolio:

  • The active UBS Swiss Multi Asset Portfolio is highly diversified in the various market phases to achieve optimum yields.
  • The risk-earnings ratio is optimized via three-stage risk monitoring:
  1. Daily monitoring of the active portfolio’s fluctuation. If there are increased fluctuations the active portfolio is reorganised into cash with the aim of avoiding possible price losses.
  2. Active management of international stock quotes using the UBS Dynamic Equity Risk Indicator ("DERI"), with the aim of early identification of and reaction to the opportunities and risks offered by various economies.
  3. Monthly adjustment of the general stock, bond and commodities strategies using UBS’s mood indicator ("DERI"). The aim is to reduce the stock quota to 0 % in the event of globally increasing market risk.

Fund term 

  • The daily rate will be credited at the scheduled end of the term in 2025. As a minimum the highest hedging level will always be credited. In 2025 a determination of the market position will be carried out to produce a new, follow-on product with the future market interest rates. As the case arises future interest rates may even permit capital protection levels of 100 % again.
  • If fund management terminates the fund early, the customer will once again be credited with the daily rate if this is greater than the hedging level, otherwise the customer will be credited with the highest hedging level.

SF (Lux) SICAV 2 – Skandia Maturity Protected Funds (Guaranteed Funds)

The SF (Lux) SICAV 2 – Skandia Maturity Protected Guarantee Fund provides a proven safety concept in the highest price guarantee. The highest price ever achieved on a reporting date is guaranteed when the fund matures.

Advantages of our guaranteed funds

  • Smart : The highest price ever achieved on a reporting date is guaranteed when the fund matures.

  • Safe : Guarantee level can only rise or remain the same, but never fall.

  • Guaranteed: UBS, a strong guarantor.

  • Flexible : Your choice of between 1% and 100% as the guarantee fund's share of Skandia pension product.

Closure of the Schroder Maturity Protected Fund 2032

In November 2014, Schroder Investment Management (Switzerland) AG announced that the Schroder Maturity Protected Fund 2032 (ISIN CH0014778432) was to be prematurely closed by order of the Swiss Financial Market Authority (FINMA) of 30 October 2014. Liquidation was completed in December 2014 by the fund manager, Schroder Investment Management (Switzerland) AG, and the custody bank Credit Suisse AG, and approved by FINMA.