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4P principle

Skandia's investment experts regularly subject the entire Skandia fund selection and the actively managed Skandia fund portfolios to a demanding quality check according to the 4P principle.

The 4 Ps stand for the test criteria:

  • Philosophy: What strategy does the fund pursue to identify the best investment opportunities?
  • Prozess: Is the investment process structured? How does the investment fund's risk management work?
  • People: Which fund manager manages the fund? Which enterprises are behind it? How long has the team worked together?
  • Performance: How does the investment fund perform against its benchmark and within a group of comparable funds? What risk does the fund enter into compared to its performance?

All the research and thus each individual "P" is always analysed in depth. The analysis method is also continuously checked for its expediency

Each individual investment fund has to qualify and then repeatedly prove its worth.