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Skandia fund portfolios

Sit back and relax – experienced investment experts will make all the investment decisions within the Skandia fund portfolio on your behalf. They regularly adjust their fund's composition to the current market situation, so your money is always invested to the very best effect.
You have a choice of actively managed Skandia fund portfolios for your pension or investment product. These differ according to investment aim and inclination to risk.

Portfolio Style Inception 1 M YTD 5 Y 5 Y p.a. 15 Y 15 Y p.a. QR
Balanced-Portfolio Balanced 07/05/1999 -1.92 4.90 40.59 7.05 88.17 4.30
Growth-Portfolio Capital-gain-oriented 07/05/1999 -2.90 7.89 56.65 9.39 117.04 5.30
Income-Portfolio Income-oriented 07/05/1999 -0.55 -0.31 10.02 1.93 59.56 3.16


The performance is given in USD and percent for the selected period.